How on Earth Can Anyone Justify Health Statistics Like These

How on Earth Can Anyone Justify Health Statistics Like These? REAL TALK… Please bear with me a moment – It saddens me deeply that I get so many calls from people for loved ones, when they are near or at ‘end stage’ of their lives.

At this point their bodies, organs and systems have been badly depleted from years of Pharmaceutical Drug use. There is an erosion that comes with age over time, like thickening of the Blood and Blood Vessels.

Since we aren’t ‘instructed’ on how to safely wean off of these Foods & Drugs that are ‘addictive’ in nature, it’s just a vicious cycle of Drugs and more Drugs for most Americans of all ages.

How on Earth can anyone justify Stats like these: The U.S. is only 4-5% of the World’s Population Consuming a Whopping 85% of the World’s Pharmaceutical Drugs!!!

As KRS One asked, “WHY IS THAT?” It is THE FOOD, plain and simple! I’ve seen people who eat little to no Meat/Dairy, but still have been diagnosed with Diabetes, Cancers, etc.


Because Vegans and Vegetarians (many of them anyway) eat a lot of Grains (Wheat, Corn, Soy, etc.) along with Vegetables, and Fruits.

What we know but don’t ‘understand’and haven’t quite digested yet (because it’s truly Diabolical!), is that ever since the 90s when the government forced the Farmers to toss their original seeds and use the Synthetic Seeds (to grow Synthetic Foods), everything (speaking of diseases) has Skyrocketed!!

Diabetes, HBP, Heart Diseases, Autoimmunity, Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Indigestion, and much more are off the charts, while Drug Sales $$$ are also off the charts. Hospitals are booming, a LOT of $$ is being made (created) in America due to Foods that are Low in Nutrients/Nutrition and Synthetic in Nature.

And Bring On the Vaccines…

Don’t get me started on the Vaccines, and how people debate them and won’t even go to the CDC site to see what’s in them and how the ingredients damage the brain/nerves, but can lie dormant in the Myelin Sheath until explosive Foods like the New Corn (CS & HFCS) and New Wheat Inflame the System, Cells & Body!!

At first the FLU SHOT was ‘Free.’ Then people were forced to receive a ‘Flu’ shot, or lose their Jobs! Now we have a new Virus, and they’re already ginning up the people to get Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) to Prevent It.

We know a Vaccine is coming, and it’s likely to be pushed like the Flushot, even though they say that if ‘you’ are Vaccinated, you’re fine, so why are the unvaccinated a threat to you?


Folks wonder why we speak on The Word so much, because the Bible is our only Hope, and it’s the only Book that sources our Past (so we don’t keep repeating it), the Present, so we can pay attention and know it’s God, not man; and the Future, so we are prepared for the way that God is going to bring about ‘Change’.

As for our Health, please think ‘Prevention’, while you feel good; try not to wait until it’s an emergency, or you maybe forced to take the Drugs for life.

Then you have to hope they don’t do too much damage to your glands and organs while they solve one issue and create a few more. Forgive my rant, but we live in a Diabolic, Greed driven world and country that is driven by MONEY $$$!

While many assume we’re the Leaders of The Free World, few pay attention or even ask, “in what?” Maybe freedom to act out, but not in the areas of Quality Nutrient Rich Foods, Quality Health Care (for all), Quality Educational Systems (for all), Quality Employment Systems (for all), or Quality, Just Judicial/Penal Systems (for all), that is not America, and never has been.

Medina Nance

Natural Health Practioner


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