The Divided House of Health


The Divided House of Health

The Divided House of Health

President Obama disappointed in a divided house!

Jesus Christ, the Messiah to the Christian world, once said “a house divided against itself cannot stand (Mark 3:25).” Any house in any case of division will falter and eventually fall if it is not unionized.

The same results can be met in a household where health is the topic. Damien McSwine said a house divided is one of the reasons why people aren’t able to live healthful lives or lose weight.

Can you imagine, you just left the world of slobbery burgers, pizza, and chips, snacks like sugary vanilla wafers and ice cream, sugared out juices and don’t get me started on the deep fried chicken, shrimp, and fries (laced with grade-A salt).

You just left that world and you’re having a salad, a vegan wrap, trail mix all raw, and fruits and vegetables, but your spouse is still dealing with the world you just left (slobbery buttered burgers, buttered pizza crust). Keep in mind, most these foods are scientifically engineered to trigger thought impulse of cravings over you.

Just reading the description above perhaps made you hungry. The divided house will not stand. The divided mind (your willpower and decisions), will not stand.

A divided house will end up costing more money, uses more time, expensing more energy. These things will undoubtedly lead you back to square one if you are not diligent in your decision to change.

The foods mentioned above (slobbery burgers), must become detestable to you so that at the very least, you’re not divided against yourself.

The results will eventually bring over the other person, so keep with health and the results they bring and you’ll have a unified house soon enough.

Leave your comments or tell a story of how you overcame a divided house of health.

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