Praying and Staying Strong During COVID-19

We hope and pray that everyone is well and staying strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

In addition to following the guidelines recommended or mandated by your government officials, there are other things you can do to support your health that we have suggested for a long time:

  • Healthy ‘Seasonal’ Detoxing of the Blood, Liver, & Bowel (System)
  • Staying Hydrated w/enough water
  • Good Quality Nourishment
  • Supplementing (or supplying what’s missing in the way of Vitamins & Minerals)
  • as well as keeping a positive mental attitude and boosting.

In lieu of so many different Viruses, we all should be consciously doing regular or seasonal things to keep our Immune and Respiratory Systems clear and healthy.

Most of you are aware of some of the most common supplements used to naturally boost your immune system such as, Vitamin C. There is also Elderberry, Oil of Oregano*, Cod Liver Oil, that HEAT helps to kill this Virus, so putting some Eucalyptus Oil or any Essential Oil or Combo like NSP’s TEI FU OIL in boiling hot water and inhaling it is also a great idea.

Especially seeing as COVID-19 was found to be Obstruction of the Air Passages with Thick Mucus lining the Lungs/Respiratory System.

So it makes sense to assist the body in clearing that excess mucus which is common, with combos like FENUGREEK & THYME (Excellent for Sinus & Upper Resp. Congestion of Mucus & Bacteria), or HISTABLOCK to help block the pathways for mucus, allergens, etc. (it’s a natural antihistamine), and ALJ which also helps to expel Mucus from upper and lower Respiratory while counteracting a number of allergens!

SILVER SHIELD (aka Colloidal Silver) is another great Anti-Viral, so safe, it can be given to babies, pregnant/breastfeeding mothers, children, Seniors, and it can be consumed in large quantities with no worries of tinting the skin or any other side effects.

Let’s all keep each other up in Prayer as we do all we can to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe in staying home until
this has passed over us.

*Be sure that the Oil of Oregano you buy isn’t the Essential Oil, that oil isn’t the kind that can be consumed by mouth, but is
used in Aromatherapy or diluted and used externally only!

So inquire when you buy it to be sure it’s the Oil of Oregano (in Liquid or Capsules) that can be consumed [internally.]

Feel free to call or text for more info – we are still assisting everyone in safely weaning off of the long term daily meds
(via email for now).

Sis Media Nance –

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