Prescription Drugs the Fake Healers

Prescription drugs are fake healers. You cannot get better from a synthetic product into a natural body. The laws of science just do not work that way.

And if you are somewhat observant, you will be able to look on television and see that no one person has ever gotten 100% healed and recovered from prescription drugs.

If we “poo-poo” the preacher who lays hands on someone’s head and pushes them to the ground in attempts to heal, and we call him a fraud, we should also “poo-poo” the doctor who give someone a medication that does not become 100% better in taking them.

Prescription Drugs are Fake Healers

Even more startling than our observation of prescription that do not work, is the horrible fact that more people die from their prescription drugs use than those who die from car accidents!

We should learn prescription drugs have its place, but it should not be the main medical remedy for health recovery. So prescription drugs are fake healers. They are not real they will not heal you, they will only manage the situation for you and and possibly caused more illnesses to show up that will require more prescription drugs.

The side effects from prescriptions should alarm and alert the user that more troubles will rest ahead. As Nancy region coined back in the 80s, say no to drugs, we need to say no to drugs 30 years later.

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