First Steps in Making Over Your Health

The first step to getting healthy is to acknowledge that there is room for improvement and recovery. Just like in Alcoholics Anonymous the first step is acknowledgment that you need help. You have to admit that you are at a powerless state and when you admit this to yourself you can begin to allow the help you need to come into your life.


The main difference between something like an alcoholic anonymous meeting and you having high blood pressure or heart disease, is that you probably know from your doctor’s diagnosis what disease you have. You also know what treatment your doctor has given you, be it 12 years ago, 20 years ago, 5 weeks ago, or 3 months ago.


First Steps to Getting Healthy


The treatment is usually going to be on going and you will be able to tell if it is making a difference in your life or not. If you are not sure then all you have to do is measure how long you have been on the medication and how you feel. And if you still have the disease or ailment, you can gather it is not working.


If you are not ready to admit that you have a problem and that you want to fix it holistically because you are powerless, then you will probably not be able to make an instant health makeover. It’s primarily because you don’t believe a problem exist, be it the disease or the current treatment you’re utilizing.


Admitting the problem exist is key. You should admit the problem to someone, it could be even in the comments section of this website; just say who you are and what your problem is just like they say in the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.


For example I’m Mike Jay and I’m a diabetic. Acknowledging your problem and acknowledging that you want to go forward allows you to look at all the broad ranges of natural God created healing for health you can receive for your problem and then pick the appropriate path to health to the eradicate the problem.


We hope this helps and we hope that you take this instant health makeover serious and turning your health around starting right now.


Due Daniels

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