Stress Leading to Illness Myth?


Stress Leading to Illness Myth?

Stress Leading to Illness Myth?

I use to hear it all the time, when you’re stressed you open your body to illness because of an increase of this and that.

From this, your immune system gets compromised leading to illness, sometimes even death.

Is this true at all?

Well, a couple of doctors have supported it with science and following a stress hormone called Neuropeptide Y. Neuropeptide Y increases in the body with prolonged bouts of stress or severe cases of stress.

This is why some people who are in those on again off again relationships, or in up and down marriages that are filled with stress tend to gain weight and get sick.

It can also explain why some people may have a death in the family or lose their spouse and within a month or less they pass away or get severely ill before passing away.

The stress helps destroy them. The goal is to find ways to eliminate stress in your life because it will hinder or affect your health if you are not mindful of it. Stress leads us to have bad tendencies and habits and live in dangerous paradigms.

Stress Leading to Illness Myth?

Think about practicing meditation and other stress relieving activities so that you can keep your health at a very good level. Look at the image above and get a perspective on what stress is doing to your brain and how it is affecting your body.

What are key stressors in your life?

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