Are You Too Old to Change?


Are You Too Old to Change?

Are You Too Old to Change?

To my elders, I give honor and respect, and if I may a word of encouragement.

The world does move faster than it ever has and this can be very discouraging having to catch up or run at speeds that the “young” boys and girls are running at.

It can be frustrating to have to put away things you’ve done all your life because new information deems it unfit or terrible for you.

I particularly point this at our health because things change and forces us to adapt and some of my elders aren’t with all the rapid changes, especially when it comes to health and nutrition.

The thing I would suggest, if I may, is to take it slow and keep a grandson or granddaughter around you a bit (hopefully they are on the healthy side of things in life).

If you don’t have a grandchild, borrow one from the community. Trade wisdom for their advice on the changes and new health information. You are not stuck in your ways, you are a brilliant adaptable person.

Some people can’t get healthy because they “feel” they are stuck and the way it is, is the way it is. Even in our elder state, we control the way it goes, in our mind. So you are not too old to change, you are a brand new creature today!

Please leave a comment below and thank you for your ears and eyes for the moment.

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