Finish the Whole Plate


Finish the Whole Plate

Eat the Whole Plate

Whether it’s “good food” or “bad food”, we’ve been conditioned to eat the entire plate.  At times, even lick the plate!  This is just how things have progressed over the years.

“Boy, finish that whole plate,” or  “You’re not getting up until you’ve finished that plate”

Unfortunately,  over the years the plates have gotten bigger and bigger. We’re at the point where we have to become more conscious and in control of ourselves and limit our portions.

Personally, I attempt to keep my portion sizes as large as the size of my fist, with exceptions to my vegetable servings.

It is ok to go back for seconds, but limiting your initial plate size will make a world of difference in your eating pattern.

We’re adults now, we don’t have to finish that whole plate!


90-Thousand Women and Colon Cancer


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