How to Love A Suffering Liver


How to Love A Suffering Liver

How to Love A Suffering Liver

If a doctor tells you your liver is suffering, the thing you probably have to do for yourself is show some love to your liver.

Dan the Life Regenerator dude on youtube gave this little and large regiment to regenerate the suffering liver.

Start with 16 oz of dandelion juice daily. It will be harsh on the tongue but effective. You can add Lemon to accelerate effectiveness and improve taste.

You’re going to need to perform a massive enzyme therapy. As much as you can afford. You’ll benefit fromĀ a couple of colonics and if you can juice fast for however long it takes, JUICE.

Rest, relaxation and as much deep breathing in fresh air as possible. Get with the Lemon ginger blast with dandelion, arugula and cilantro as these will cleanse you up. You want to drink up to three 32oz jars per day and add “lifezyme” powder to each one to increase enzyme activity in the liver and blood.

I’d add to eat or drink bitter foods and plants as this is noted to activate the liver. Last, Dan says, “Ask yourself. Why is this happening? How can I detox my liver energetically? Release and let go.” Peace

It may show no love to the tongue, but it will be love to the liver!

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