Bee Pollen Burst of Energy


Bee Pollen Burst of Energy

Bee Pollen Burst of Energy

To tell the truth, I’d never heard of bee pollen until I tried a supplement called Pollen Burst, which had bee pollen in it.

I used the product for the SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) more so than because of the Bee Pollen. The product was designed to promote energy and improve your immune system.

These benefits are exactly what Bee Pollen does for the body. As one of nature’s superfoods, Bee Pollen has all 22 amino acids and 27 vita-minerals.

You’ll find enzymes and coenzymes in them as well. Just like in the picture to the left, herbalist will recommend a couple teaspoons of fresh raw pollen a day to be used as an energy pick up or booster.

You must check or be aware if you have allergic reactions to it, so certainly consult your doctor.

Got a good or warning story about Bee Pollen? Tell us below!

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