It Costs to Be Healthy


It Costs to Be Healthy as Well As to Be the Boss

It Costs to Be Healthy

It is an unfortunate thing in our modern day society where it simply cost a lot more money to eat healthily and leave healthy.

Go to Walmart get all the things you normally get or want, then go to Whole Foods or your neighborhood health and whole food store, and get the same things you got at Wally’s and you’re sure to find that your receipt is much bigger at the health food stores.

This simply means that it costs to be healthy, especially if you wish to be prevent illness and disease. On the flip side, not making a lot of money is no excuse. Knowledge of health is the key as many millionaires and billionaires fall dead just like the guy who can’t scrap up two coins to rub together.

Some of the most economically depressed nations have people there who live long loving healthful lives. Why? They walk a lot. The eat right out of the earth, they are content and happy, and don’t consume anti healthful foods.

Walking a lot is movement, eating out of the earth is natural and congruent to the the human body, being content is emotionally stabilizing, and avoid anti healthful foods increases longevity.

You don’t need to measure calories and have a big bank account of divers sorts, just learn what to do and keep it simple!

What lifestyle changes can you make today to be healthier without opening your wallet?

Mold Making You Tired?


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