Plant Life or Thug Life


Plant Life or Thug Life

Plant Life or Thug Life

Even if Bingo Night just got real, it is not the point of this post.

Most people are so against having a plant based diet, which I’m calling plant life for the sake of this blog post, that they won’t add it to nothing.

They won’t even put a damn piece of lettuce and tomato on their burger. IT IS SERIOUS for a lot of people. Oh well, what are you going to do?

But if you’re trying to make a “plant life” more a part of your life, you are on the track to life. We live in a world where some people are just going to thug it out on meat.

These people need to have a heart-to-heart with their intestines, and allow their digestive system to really have it out with them. They will realize how their digestive system really feels about their lack of care or awareness of what they are doing.

I don’t recommend veganism or even vegetarianism, I am simply starting you out with lessening the meat and adding more veggies to lighten the load on poor ole digestive system, working night and day for you.Plant Life or Thug Life

Leave your comments below of how you think the herbal energy use could help you.

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