Colon Cancer 90,000 Women Harvard Nurses


Colon Cancer 90,000 Women Harvard Nurses

Colon Cancer 90,000 Women Harvard Nurses

Here is a section in a book titled Black Gene Lies, by Dr. Ma Lan and Dr. Joel Wallach, and this book expels medical lies ¬†told against “black people.”

Their is a section on colon cancer on page 182, of a study that took place in 1998. The study included 90,000 women, so that a pretty large sample size.

They were in the Harvard Nurses’ Health Study and the results were reported in a book titled Healthy Women, Healthy Lives, and also in the journal, Annals of Internal Medicine.

What the study reported was that “Women who take multivitamins for at least 15 years may cut their risk of colon cancer by 75 percent (75%),” said Edward Giovannucci, one of the lead researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

He continued by saying, “The study went on to say that women who took in 400 mug of folic acid had substantially fewer colon cancers than women who took in only 200 mug per day.”

Multivitamin providers have taken this news in happily but not the medical industry. @instanthealthmakeover suggests you eat a healthy diet, which includes lots of greens, out of the ground reds, yellows, and oranges.

Include fruits, seeds and nuts, beans, eggs, very little meat, and be sure it is farm raised and find a quality (emphasis on QUALITY) multivitamins!

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