Stop Scheduling Your Illnesses


Stop Scheduling Your Illnesses

Stop Scheduling Your Illnesses

Death and life is in the power of the tongue; and those that love it will eat the fruit of it. This is a quote from Proverbs chapter 18, and it captures the fact that we speak life or we speak death.

Most people speak death, and they never catch themselves doing it because of heavy programming. I still catch myself speaking death, but because I’m aware of it, I usually reverse what I said immediately.

For instance, I may experience fatigue and really I need a nap. But I may jokingly or seriously (unconsciously) say, “I’m dying over here,” or “I think I’m getting sick.”

Then I have to quickly remind myself of the reality and say, “I’m fatigued, I should take a nap and renew my energy, I’m so grateful, thank you God for your goodness!”

Do you see how I spoke life right back into me.

Many people don’t do that, they aren’t aware of how they are hurting themselves every year. For example, while they are completely healthy and feeling good, they’ll be in conversation with someone saying how they typically get a flu in December or January, and they should be getting one soon.

Self fulfilling prophecy hits in December or January, and they say “see, I told you it would happen.” They actually feel good about it because at least they knew it was coming and were a bit prepared. It is time to prevent it now.

Stop scheduling your illnesses and begin to prevent them heavily with a better lifestyle, which begins by speaking health!

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