Strengthen and Repair Broken Bones


Strengthen and Repair Broken Bones

In this video Dr. Axe is going to share with you the top tips on how to heal broken bones naturally. To strengthen or repair broken bones, you’ll need to focus on diet and include a supplement regimen, lifestyle regimen is vital, and essential oils will also help your body heal much faster. Dr. Axe has seen broken bones heal 2-3 times faster by following these specific tips.

In your Diet include: Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin C, Foods like veggies, fruits, meats, and nuts and seeds. Do not forget to stay away from overly acidic foods, alcohol, excess sodium, and excess sugar.

Here are some Supplements:

  1. Vitamin D Supplement
  1. Magnesium
  1. Fish Oil
  1. Green Superfood


  1. Stand on a vibrating platform
  1. Acupuncture treatment

Essential Oils:

  1. Cypress oil
  1. Fir oil

3. Helichrysum oil

Ever broke a bone? How fast did you heal?

Do you have a testimonial for how well your bones healed or how you avoided breaking a bone on a hard fall thanks to your diet, supplement, and essential oils? Leave a comment below!

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Strengthen and Repair Broken Bones

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