Using Prescription Drugs the Wrong Way?


 Using Prescription Drugs the Wrong Way?

 Using Prescription Drugs the Wrong Way?

It’s a sad state that people take illegal drugs and destroy their bodies, but it is even a sadder state that people do the same thing with legal drugs.

This post is not about the abusers of legal prescription drugs, but about the people who use these drugs the wrong way.

What do I mean?

If you have a health condition, your diet or lifestyle has lead to the condition we call dis-ease. This means the thing to change to get better is your diet or lifestyle.

The prescription drug is only a means to cover pain “temporarily” if pain is associated with your dis-ease or stop you from dying.

The use of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other natural holistic medicines should be used to help healing and offset the side effect issues that modern prescription drug medicines produce.

C’mon, you hear the list of side effects in most of these commercial prescription drugs, like nausea, heart problems, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, vomiting, and the list goes on (to the break of dawn).

For instance, if you get the flu, you may need medicine (prescription drugs) to deal with it, but you should get some herbs to go with it, extra vitamin C and D, and as much natural stuff to offset the nyquil or other medicines you take.

NEVER ABUSE DRUGS, really, you shouldn’t use them, unless your life is in jeopardy or you’re in pain.

Leave your comments with your take on prescription drugs.

Fake Healing in Prescription Drugs


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