Water is the Enemy Mentality


Water is the Enemy Mentality

Water is the Enemy Mentality

To many people, water has become the enemy. It has been flipped upside down.

Soda, bottled juice, and other sugary drinks have flipped the switch on everyone and made water the bad guy.

Well, listen to me here, IT IS NOT. Just to prove it to you, here is something to consider, water is in every beverage you drink, just look at the ingredients next time you’re chugging away.

These sugary drinks spike blood sugar, break down bones, and cause many other problems you’re not even aware of. It appalling to hear some people drink a pure glass of water once a week or even a month.

Water is an essential nutrients. It is of more dear importance than any food you will ever eat and the reverse of this is clear; look up how long you can go without food, water, and air. Air and water win my friend.

Water has too many functions to list, but mainly it is a natural cleanser, and helps to transport nutrients in the body.

Start NOW, to introduce yourself to drinking a gallon of water a day. Space it out throughout the day. You’ll notice you will eat less if you do.

Drink a gallon before eating food each day! Drink a cup or two each hour and when you’ve done the gallon by the late afternoon or early evening, then eat food; your life will change. Water is not the enemy, it’s your friend.

Leave your comments or tell a story of how you overcame a divided house of health.

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