Childhood Memories are Energizing


Childhood Memories are Energizing

Childhood Memories are Energizing

Memories are awesome, especially when they are good memories. The great thing about it is that we can control them (hopefully you can).

When I think back on a good moment, I can feel the “mental energy” and feelings of the exact moment.

This is good when I think about an old basketball game, a moments laughing with friends.

It can have the reverse effect when I think about sad moments or lost opportunities. This is why it is vital to control the thoughts and memories of your mind.

Childhood ingrains deep memories in our mind. The neural pathways reconnect us to what made up feel joyful or what made up feel fearful.

If we practice focusing on the joyful moments, we can get little bursts of energy, which can be freeing and energizing. My young nephew, 7 months at the time of this writing, brings a joyful smile on my face, just thinking about him.

Hopefully, you did some fun or daring things or you had good family moments that brings a BIG smile on your face without you even knowing. These can be so helpful and I hope you try it out.

If you care to share, think of a time you had as a child that brings joy to you and share it in the comments below!

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