Believe in a Higher Power for Added Virtue

Believe in a Higher Power for Added VirtueWe have to realize that things are bigger than us. Everything out there in the world is bigger than us. Things are bigger than the individual. This simple realization helps you spiritually get healing physically. The reason why this works in such a way is because you aren’t able to acknowledge your powerless state unless you realize a more powerful power than you.


The humility that comes from an understanding that there is a power greater than you in this universe, in this world, will lead you to becoming healthier faster and more permanently.


If you fully believe in this divine power, it will definitely allow you to act on information or to the things presented in your life that are going to lead you to becoming better.


That is worth rereading…


If you put faith in this power it will lead and guide you to healing one’s self. Therefore in order to get healthy you must invite this power into your life. Now you may be a Christian or you could be of any religious affiliation, this will make sense to you even if you are a nonbeliever.


In any religious practices or doctrines this concept still to be absorbed by you through the understanding of the universe. The universe is vast. The powerful sunlight gives life to all things on the planet. Water is a healing substance in itself no matter how bad mankind has polluted the waters, still water has a very strong healing property.


So in order to have a lasting instant health makeover, one has to understand they cannot do it by themselves. You must work with this Divine Power, our Creator and Maker, this God-being, the Infinite Power that can help you recover from any ailment.


There is a reason why we put these first two posts together before we move forward in the instant health makeover website. And the reason is we do not want you to get caught up in the idea that we or any other so-called physician or healer is going to help recover you from your disease ailment or situation.


The person that will heal you is yourself, your faith, and your understanding of this Power. And this Power will work through other people who will come into your life, present information, present certain herbs or other changes of habits that will help you get better, or even touch and agree with you, but ultimately it will come from this Power and we want you to believe that.


We are all helpless we are all being guided by this Power and that is the fastest way to make an instant health makeover that will last.

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