Cut Down or Eliminate Alcohol

Cut Down Alcohol ConsumptionI know some people are already holding their breath because their shot glasses will be useless. Their wine glasses will be obsolete. It does not have to be that way and you’ll see why in a moment.


However, drinking alcohol is not doing anything for you except giving you a fake feeling of delight. A little alcohol doesn’t hurt and is good for the soothing of the tummy, but alcohol packs on calories and is an energy consumer.


Alcohol saps energy in two ways; first it dehydrates you and this equates to having less oxygen circulate your body. Secondly, you may fall asleep but you’ll be up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the early morning, like 3am early. This disrupts sleep patterns and it makes for a terrible following day.


If you have a conventional glass of wine for dinner or fellas who have a beer after work, you could work on replacing these habits with something better for you. In reality for wine drinkers, all you need is the skin of the red grapes for the resveratrol most people drink red wine for.


You can use an awesome resveratrol supplement for that if you don’t like dark red grapes. In doing this, you get the nutrient value from the wine, without the alcohol.

What do I do about my wine glasses?


Start juicing and use them for your juices. They look exquisite when you do and you’ll be able to still use them.


What about my shot glasses?


Use them to drink superfood like goji juice or liquid supplements. You can keep your glasses now, but you’ll have better content in them that go into your system. For better health and more energy, cut down or eliminate alcohol all together and witness your health get better.

Due Daniels

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