Germs Love Hands so Wash Them


Germs Love Hands so Wash Them

Germs Love Hands so Wash Them

Wintertime makes people develop bad habits because of the cold environment.

We don’t drink as much pure water, we don’t do as much swimming (as an exercise), and we don’t like to wash our hands like we should. Nevertheless, germs love our hands so we must wash them.

Germ season picks up in the winter, which makes it ever so much more important to wash our hands clean. Statistics of deaths from Doctors who didn’t wash their hands before seeing a patient was really high 200 years ago, and is still high today.

We use our hands for nearly everything.

I mean we don’t do soccer to open doors, drive cars, or greet people. We use our hands. Then we take our hands and rub our eyes, shuffle your nose, wipe your mouth, scratch your ear, play with your cell phone, spend a few bucks at a store, type on your computer or a public one, and then come on home after high-fiving your snotty nose kid, you eat dinner.

Can you imagine the bacteria you have on your hands. Have a little patience and allow the water to turn warm and wash good with a good soap. You also can use pure works hand sanitizer as it kills all germs.

Do this to help yourself avoid the flu and other diseases and germs that want so badly to infiltrate your body!

Please leave a comment below and thank you for your ears and eyes for the moment.

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