How to Stop Memory Loss


How to Stop Memory Loss?

How to Stop Memory Loss?

Memory loss is not good. Why do you think we created computers, recorders, journals, and all the things we have to aid our memory. It is because we want to hold onto our moments.

However, when the brain begins to lose its capacity to keep even basic stuff, like the name of your favorite aunt or uncle or where you parked your car after a short bout of grocery shopping; you may want to look into it.

One of my favorite doctors wrote about this in his book (from which I as sourcing) that memory loss is caused by a variety of  things. It’s recommended that you look up each one to be sure of the nature yours or your loved ones may be.

It can be from food allergies or hypoglycemia, this is why you much check. Check on the different sensitivities you have towards different foods. However, if you feel your cognitive memory is slowing down, Dr. Wallach suggests that you first avoid offending foods, as well as avoid sugars, fried food, margarine, alcohol and begin to supplement.

It is wise to supplement with specific nutrients like chromium and vanadium, selenium, vitamin E, the B-complexes, as well as use Diapid nasal spray. In all, supplementation will help especially while done with a great diet free of offending foods.

You can find this in Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, pg 368. We have to keep our memory because it is what we have, it is us over the years.

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