Get Some Spice In Your Life


Get Some Spice In Your Life

Get Some Spice In Your Life

In 365 Energy Boosters, Susannah Seton and Sondra Kornblatt give a lot of tips, in fact 365 of them.

One of them is to put a little spice in your life. Not the romantic spice (although that wouldn’t hurt), but we’re talking actual spicy foods.

Spicy foods wake up your taste buds with some zinging flavors. Best types of spicy foods are probably going to by your mamas, especially if she is from Nigeria, India, Thai, China, or any other spicy food country I may have missed.

If your mama didn’t make spicy foods (shame on her respectfully), you can simply visit a friend who’s mom makes spicy foods or go to a restaurant featuring foods from these spicy countries.

WARNING: Be sure to check their spice for MSG, which will actually put you to sleep. Spices stimulate the brain making you feel more alert. So spice it up, get you a bowl of soup and let it open you up.

Leave a comment below and share some spicy foods you’ve had recently!

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