Forever Learning Never Doing


Forever Learning Never Doing

Forever Learning Never Doing

Too much study is a weariness to the eyes and if you’re constantly studying, you are probably not (I REPEAT – ARE NOT) doing.

Now this is not so much with health, but does have a lot to do with it.

Most people read a book, and implement it, but what happens a lot of the time is that they read another book.

And another book… and another and sometimes the conflicting messages leaves them back at square one.

They are doing what they were doing before they began their study.

Often times, a good example of this is the doctor. He can know so much and tell so much, that he doesn’t practice it so much. Information overload will distract you and confuse you and possibly cause you to do nothing.

So I bid you to at least do something while you’re researching and studying and bring in change as you learn new things.

Don’t get caught in the forever learning never doing phase. It’s like kissing rings… kinda embarrassing.

Leave a comment below and share how you’ve gotten away from forever learning and never doing!

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