Get Stuff Off the Hard Drive


Get Stuff Off the Hard Drive

Get Stuff Off the Hard Drive

The other day I was in a conversation with someone about stress and how it can slow down your mind, which depresses your energy.

When we worry about stuff, we feed it energy by thinking upon it. It stays in our head and blocks up space in mind.

This can cause stress and that leads to compromising our immune system.

We have to get stuff off the hard drive of our minds so we can relieve stress and give ourselves the capability to think about the positives.

We can focus on action and not the long list of stuff we have to do that is in our mind. If we write it out so we have it on paper, our mind can rest knowing we have it somewhere to refer back to at the appropriate time.

We can put the list in order and tackle it by priority. This will clear the cluttered mind and help you focus and stop worrying.

Get stuff off your brain by emptying it on paper, you’ll feel more energy and be more healthier.

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