Impractical Expectations Keeping You Unhealthy


Impractical Expectations Keeping You UnhealthyWhen it comes to living a healthy life and losing weight, one of the chief reasons people fail is because of their impractical expectations. Most people believe they can change things overnight, which is a dreadful error.

It is an awful dreadful error especially with the knowledge that it take anywhere from 21, 34, 66, to 84 days for a new habit to stick.

It takes this long for you to feel awkward or not right when you do not do the new established habit. Therefore if you are trying to make helpful changes in your life, your practical process must be realistic (to your subconscious mind) so that you can further expect the change.

Always remember that cities nations and states are not built in a day; take your time and as 50 cent says respect the process. Shout out to brother Cochise!

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