Slow Down on the Meat and Gravy


Slow Down on the Meat and Gravy

Slow Down on the Meat and Gravy

I was a teenager in the 90s and in my geographic location, teens watched a lot of Martin, sitcom with Martin Lawrence.

There was an episode where Nipsey, who worked a night club bar type of deal, was known for asking for tips when he provided a drink or a service to someone.

He asked Martin for a tip, and Martin’s response has stuck with me to this day. Martin said, “easy on the meaty gravy.” He was referring to Nipsey’s growing tummy.

He was telling Nipsey to stop eating fatty stuff and that was his tip. I’m not giving you the same tip today, but an addendum to it. Slow down on meat… and gravy.

I’m no vegetarian or vegan. I like to tell people that I’m a strict vegan and vegetarian except I allow goat, beef, lamb, fish, and sometimes eggs. The deal with me is that meat use to be 70-90% of my diet (once upon a time). Today, it is about 10-20% and moving downward.

I get my protein from plant sources, I eat meat for the savory flavor, but I can create that with veggies with the right herbs and spices. So you can slow down on the meat and gravy as it will greatly improve your energy levels and overall health.

How mUCH meat are you consuming? And what are you trying to cut it down to? Leave a comment below

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