Smile to Improve Health and Energy


Smile to Improve Health and Energy

Smile to Improve Health and Energy

There is nothing like a nice smile to greet you in the morning, on your drive to work, as you walk into your office, and as you sit to read your first email.

Smiling just naturally gives off good vibes in the body. We know we feel better when we smile, even if we’re smiling at someone slipping and falling (you shouldn’t do that but sometimes its so funny).

It’s been proven, smiling makes you feel better. We are often caught up in our day or circumstances, we ten to stop smiling and wish to wipe the smiles of other people’s face.

Don’t be like that. Studies in Germany showed that people who smiled while reading found what they were reading to be funnier than those who didn’t.

Researchers in the USA found that the facial expressions we wear, cause the same physiological response in our bodies. That means if you wear a stressful, angry, or sad expression, the stress hormones are in action in your body.

If you wear the smile (yes, even a fake one), the relax response takes over. Does this mean we have to grin from ear to ear? No! Just turn the corners of your mouth upward, and take the opportunity to smile and/or laugh at appropriate  situations that come your way!


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