Get to the Bottom of It


Get to the Bottom of It

Get to the Bottom of It

“She done made me made, pour me a drink; I need a scotch on the rocks!”

“I’m not sure what to do next, I’m going to go to the movies, or drive around the block.”

These are things we typically do to make ourselves feel better once we’ve come across a need or problem.

People often eat when upset or depress, we start flipping channels or browsing the internet when we are pressed with a decision, and the list goes on.

The real thing we should be doing is getting to the bottom of problem or need. It is when we are tired, angry, doubtful where we tend to distract ourselves with our familiar comforts.

This is when you say, “hey ice cream, you are right on time,” or “Jerry Springer, I was just about to call you,” or it could be that friend that talks to you about nothing for about an hour or more that makes you feel good but takes you away from what you really should be doing.

Correct the habit and begin to be aware of it. When you feel stressed, doubtful, unsure, angry, TIRED (fatigue is a big one), or confused, get to the bottom of it and start the habit of making the appropriate decision. It will lead to better health, energy, and outcomes.

What are some of your normal comforts you use to run back to; leave a comment below. Your comments will help other readers ya know. Share on FB and twitter!

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