Stay Away from Negativity and Pessimism


 Stay Away from Negativity and Pessimism

 Stay Away from Negativity and Pessimism

If you’ve ever been around someone who is always blue down and contrary to positivity, you can instantly feel the energy sap they suck.

You could be really excited about something and just approaching their dull look begins to weaken you.

Have you ever seen an energetic depressed person?

The thing is we do have the choice to see the glass as half full than half empty; it is our choice.

We also have the choice to be around people who make choices aligned with ours. The science is that when we think positively, we give ourselves renewed energy.

When we don’t, we don’t! Negative pessimistic people will drain you and depress you. Have you ever seen an energetic depressed person? You’ve never seen a depressed person bouncing up and down full of energy.

They are down, low vibration, and it can be contagious if you allow it to zap or sap you. So you must begin to get and/or remain positive and see the good in all things. If a moment of sadness comes upon you, purposely search for the good in that moment of sadness and renew your strength.

The Bible says to ‘renew your strength in the Lord’. Ask questions to yourself such as what you’re grateful for, how can you see positive out of this, or what is Life trying to show you in this sad moment, and get back to positivity. This will keep you with energy and improve your health.

Leave your comments or tell a story of how you overcame a negative pessimistic person or situation!

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