Sweet and Sour Plus Salt


Sweet and Sour Plus Salt

Sweet and Sour Plus Salt

When you think of sweet and sour you’re probably thinking orange chicken aren’t you?


Most of us love our foods sweet tasting, sweet and sour, salty, or sweet and salty (popcorn). Our taste buds have at least five tasty sensories or sensory impressions, but typically we only give it two. There is:

  • Sweet
  • Sour
  • Salty
  • Bitter
  • And Savory or meaty

All of these have a purpose and should all be used. When we’re trying to have an “instant” health makeover, it is vital to use all taste sensory factors. For instance, bitter helps the liver, where saltiness gives us sodium and other alkalizing minerals.

Our tongues have been conned into thinking only sweet food is good. The good news is as we were conditioned to love the sweets, we can recondition ourselves to love the other taste sensories and lead ourselves back to health and nutrition.

We know not all good sweet food is good for you, so we might as well recondition ourselves to control it for our healths sake.




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