The Hunger Hormone Ghrelin


The Hunger Hormone Ghrelin

The Hunger Hormone Ghrelin

When your stomach’s on “E”, it releases a gutsy little chemical called ghrelin.

When you’re at your desk or sitting in a meeting and your internal food-pouch starts growling, it is the ghrelin hormone calling.

It leaves the body a desperate voicemail that you need FOOD and need it ASAP! Ultimately, this ghrelin makes you want to eat by stimulating the stress hormone known as Neuropeptide-Y.

This is why people lose willpower, because ghrelin is hard to beat.

This is good to know because you at least know the hunger hormone will call and get violently more intensified with each voicemail.

His text messages are all CAPS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS and all you can think of is food! The beauty of knowledge is that you may still feel hungry, but with knowledge, you understand that he is simply overreacting on his voicemails.

Got any stories, pica, cribbing, where ghrelin got the best of you?

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