Where Did This Information Come From?


Where Did This Information Come From?

Where Did This Information Come From?

When it comes to health, sometimes we get caught up in taking information in from anyone. Just because he has an apple in his hand, or a few gray hairs doesn’t warrant him to be giving you advice.

So whenever we get information and think to process it, we have to think about a couple of things. Primarily, we have to ask where did this information come from?

Move slow with so you can see the words.

Ask the person and say who they are and their title; for instance, “Uncle Joey, who does nothing but watch the news, just told me lettuce and vegetables are not good for you because of how it is grown.”

Where did the info come from?

My uncle who hasn’t held a job and only watches the news. This uncle could be an aunt, sister, friend, coworker, or neighborhood gossip. Be Careful in the information you take in from non qualified people, especially as it pertains to health.

Sure they are family, and I’d be wrong to say they didn’t have a caring interest for you, but the reality is plainly that something is just wrong! Be aware of that and investigate where the information you receive from people comes from.

Leave your comments or stories about how you received poor info from a “caring” friend or family member in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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