TV and the Waistline Theory


 TV and the Waistline Theory

TV and the Waistline Theory

Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen wrote in their book, “You on a Diet,” that there was a correlation beginning in the 1960s about waistline increase.

They said in the 60s, the average American’s time in front of the TV went up perfectly in the increase in their waist size.


Watching the TV or YouTube today keeps us from running errands and doing stuff. I mean, try to pry yourself from Orange is the New Black episodes. Some All of the shows are like soap operas on mega steroids.

TV also keeps us available to engage in mindless eating as we plan for the next commercial break to run and grab another cup of soda and another plate of chips.

This is a great problem with children and they watch on average 17 hours of TV a week and that does not include video games.

So be careful watching too much TV and don’t be surprised that if you do, your waistline will probably grow to the proportion in which you watch your TV or computer monitor.

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