Build Herbal Energy


Build Herbal Energy

Build Herbal Energy

When you feel tired, it is okay to run to your local couch or bed, put some zen meditational music on with a timer to get you up in 25 or 30 minutes, or even just 10 minutes.

If you dwell in the modern world of …


  • 6am wake,
  • 8am bus catch,
  • 9am desk,
  • 11am meeting,
  • 12noon lunch,
  • 1230pm meetings,
  • 3pm deadline rush work,
  • 515 bus catch,
  • 7pm dinner,
  • 9pm help kids,
  • 11pm get ready for bed,
  • 12midnight sleep…

…you may need drugs to keep you going.

By drugs I mean coffee or energy drinks. The meditational nap may not be in the cards right now. An option outside of harsh drugs and sometimes compounding and detrimental energy drinks may be something as simple and natural as herbs.

There are several herbs that you can add to your breakfast or meals that are known to replenish your energy levels. Some of these herbs can be grown in your garden and you can find them at the local health food store.

  • Such herbs like burdock root, and these can be used like carrots (according to Susannah Seton)…
  • Dandelion herbs can be used as a tea or added to soups or salads. Plus they really help the liver.
  • The nettle leaves and roots are certainly a great pick up when used as a tea… mix it with raspberry leaves.
  • Last, there is the licorice roots, good for tea tonics (but not if you have high blood pressure or on medication for it).

There are many more herbs you can use occasionally to keep your energy levels good during the day in case you can’t afford an early afternoon power nap or meditational nap. Of course you can go to the health food store and buy some natural herbal supplements as well.

Leave your comments below of how you think the herbal energy use could help you.

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