Television and Eating


Television and Eating

Television and Eating

Eating and watching television is one of the most dangerous combinations today.

With the internet, people are now eating and surfing (getting their keyboards all sticky).

Most people are not thinking or consciously aware of their actions while watching TV.

It is much like having the TV on in your mind as you drive home from work. You’re somewhere else, but you manage to get home without running into a ditch or hitting someone.

The danger or watching television and eating is that when the plate runs out, our body has the tendency (programmed beautifully may I add) to get up while still watching the TV, make its’ way to the pantry or the refill bag, pour some more, and come back in our seat without missing a beat.

This is okay if you’re eating a bowl of lettuce or cauliflower, but if you’re eating a bowl of chips, donuts, ice cream, or pizza; you can and probably do often finish the entire item before you’re finished with the show.

Now you’re programmed to find something else. Kick the habit in the buttocks right away before the habit loads your buttocks with extra weight.

I personally pause or turn off the TV to eat. If I’m watching a movie, I get a bowl of whatever I’m going to eat, tell myself how many servings I’m going to have, and have a BIG cup of water or tea as I use that to go through the movie.

Don’t mix the two, television and eating, because your brain will associate them and almost deem it necessary to do at the same time.

You can find yourself eating just to watch the news! YIKES!!

Got a story you want to share about you, your TV, and eating? Do it in the comments below!

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