The Cause of LeBron James Cramping Up

In the game of basketball, losing liquids through sweat can be deadly. In game one of the 2014 NBA Finals between the Spurs of San Antonio and the Heat of Miami, superstar LeBron James began to cramp up because of excessive heat in the AT&T Center due to a malfunction of the air conditioning system.

LeBron James has a history of muscle cramping, as this has happened to him in high school a couple times and once during his professional career in game 4 of the 2012 NBA Finals against the OKC Thunder.

If you are a Miami Heat fan, the question you must be asking is, what is the cause of LeBron James cramping up?

The cause is often thought to be from a shortage or deficiency in water and sodium (salt). However I don’t believe it is just sodium and water, because I’m sure LeBron drinks just as much water or salt water in the form of sports drinks as any other player.

There must be a reason why he cramps up and others don’t.

The cause of muscle cramps are more extensive than just sodium and water. According to top naturopathic doctor, Dr. Joel Wallach, he states that muscle cramps (charley horse) is a direct cause from multiple mineral deficiencies.

A muscle cramp is a small convulsion taking pace in the muscle usually the result of deficiencies of calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and vitamin E (Let’s Play Doctor, Pg 272).

The cramps are paralyzingly painful and for any top athlete who plays a sport such as basketball that requires so much energy use that one can sweat out gallons of sweat (a combination of nutrients and water), these nutrients must be replaced with … you guessed it… more nutrients.

Especially for muscle cramping, in addition to nutrient rich sports drink, LeBron James needs more caphoto (4)lcium, more magnesium, more potassium, more selenium, and more vitamin E.

If you know LeBron James, or his training staff, be sure to pass this information to him or them if you are a Heat fan. If you are a Spurs fan, trash this blog post immediately… or save it for yourself in case you need instant health information.

Leave your thoughts and insight to muscle cramping and what you believe the cause of LeBron James cramping up in the NBA Finals is.

There are two product I would recommend LeBron James use during this finals series; they are the Osteo Fx Plus, which is a calcium product, with the correct amounts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and selenium needed to be sufficient for muscle cramping.

Also I recommend the Rebound Fx, an alternative to Gatorade, Powerade, and Vitamin Water, which all have less than 20 nutrients in them compared to Rebound Fx, which has over 100 nutrients in it!

If I were a professional athlete, I would never go a day without these two products. In fact, I never go without them now and I never have muscle cramps.


Due Daniels

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