Fat and Muscle Weight Gain and Loss


Fat and Muscle Weight Gain and Loss

Fat and Muscle Weight Gain and Loss

Here’s a KABOOM! When someone loses weight and they go about it without exercising, they will lose both muscle and fat.

Not bad. However, when that same person gains weight without exercising, they gain only fat. So obviously, it is much easier to gain “fat weight” than it is to gain “muscle weight.”

And this is one of the reasons dieting fails, especially ‘yo-yo diets’.

Losing weight at the new year, then gaining weight, then getting motivated to lose weight again, is yo-yo-ing, and it isn’t good because you’ll end up gaining in proportion more fat in the long run because of the muscle loss that takes place every time you lose weight without exercising.

This is something to keep in mind. When you are losing weight, keep exercising and perhaps even lifting weights.

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