The Fear of Sweating


The Fear of Sweating

The Fear of Sweating

Some people are too prissy to sweat. “It’s going to mess my weave up,” “it’s going to mess my perm,” “it’s going to make me stanky,” “it’s going to make me uncomfortable all day,” and the list goes on and on of why people hate sweating.

Look, I know we didn’t wake up just to start sweating all over again so we have to take a shower again; it’s a waste of time when you think of it.

And we also know that when we sweat, we do not just lose water but also use a soup of minerals from our body. However, the truth of the matter is that sweating is a necessary component to the body system.

Some people refuse to exercise or exert energy and activity because they do not want to sweat. We must remember that sweating is part of the body’s system to cool the body down as well as get rid of toxins within the body.

This is why you will see many people exercise and then sit in a sauna to get extra heat to sweat toxins and impurities out of the body.

Sweating is good for the body, this is why exercising is good for the body because the movement will create sweat to keep the body cool and simultaneously get rid of toxins in the body.

However one caveat or note to remember is that when you sweat you must replenish the nutrients that left the body in the form of sweat, back into the body in the form of supplementation or simply clean nutrient rich foods.

Do not fear sweating, sweating is good!

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