High Blood Pressure and Salt

Salt your food to taste, says Dr. Joel Wallach. While people are running from salt because of the negative press, natural health practitioners dietitians and herbalists are telling you to simply get the right salt and use it according to your taste buds.

High blood pressure is CAUSED by toxins in the body such as table salt. When toxins get into the bloodstream, it causes the heart to work harder and faster. This leads to what we call high blood pressure.


… our bodies need salt in order to maintain electricity …

Dr. Leonard Coldwell said our bodies need salt in order to maintain electricity. Electricity can only be produced when you have a sufficient amount of salt. When a doctor proclaims you need to stay away from salt they are particularly talking about table salt.

Table salt is made up of three bands, one is sand, the other is glass, and the third is salt (according to Dr. Leonard Coldwell). In today’s age, we should all run away from salt altogether just because it is not as safe as it used to be.

Instead we should use pink Himalayan crystal’s (aff sponsored link). This is manufactured from mountains and is safer than some of our water based sea salts. The water that is being polluted so we have to be careful there.


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