The Fart that Saved the Family: Laughter at Mealtime


I remember one day at dinner, the family was very tense. Mom and dad were stressed out, I’m pretty sure it was about money and work, and all of us (the kids) were worried that one move could cause a parent to lash out of us individually or collectively, but violently.

Dad was rubbing his head so hard I thought he would go bald in 30 minutes. Mom was watching dad WITH a look that told us, if we know what’s good for us, we’d  JUST SHUT UP AND EAT.

My little brother, although he was only 3, also could feel the tension but he was not really at the age where he fully understood how to behave with all of this stress at the table.

He would flash a smile and no one would smile back because of their fear of dad spazzing out like, “WHAT THE HELL YOU SMILING AT!”

We couldn’t show like we were in a good mood while dad was stressed out.

Finally something happened that made everyone change their moods instantly! Little brother couldn’t control it, but he let out a funny noise from his bottom.

It was so loud and long, I just knew we’d be visiting him in the hospital. He looked around, SLIGHTLY panicked but hoping someone thought it was cute. It was too loud to pretend it didn’t happen.

No Fart Policy

Dad had a no fart in his presence policy that kicked in at age 3 … and little bro was definitely aware of it. Pops definitely didn’t want you passing noises at the dinner table.

I was in silent prayer!

Suddenly …  everyone burst into laughter.

That turned out to be one of the best family dinners the family had that we remember to this day. We all laughed so hard and the laughter brought us to normal conversations about things that happened that day.

Who would have thought an involuntary or voluntary bodily function inappropriate for a dinner reception, cut the tension anger and frustration in the family in a single moment.

This is what laughter can do for everyone. Humor has the power to break us out of our ruts and allow things to appear in a new light. Laughter and humor are very encouraging… it can give you a fresh breath of air.

Therefore everyone should really lighten up and enjoy an occasional joke or an occasional fit of laughter to loosen all the tension in the body and mind. You always feel good when you’re having a real genuine laugh, so don’t hold it in. Laugh out loud!

If you would like to have an instant health makeover, start laughing right now.


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