Breathing Awareness


Breathing Awareness

Breathing Awareness

Thanks to Dr. Lynn Hellerstein for the explanation and photo!

Breathing is natural, an infant is programmed to do it upon birth.

Like a seasoned driver, biker, reader, or engineer, the actual breathing process can be done with little awareness directed to how you are actually breathing.

If we simple become aware of how we are breathing, it can add to the power and renews our body and refresh us at the same time. Take note of how you breath.

Most people breath in with their chest, but the correct way is to breath in through the stomach and diaphragm and not only the chest and lungs.

When done this way, you may notice more relaxed muscles, mental calmness and more focus and attention. As you get more awareness to your breathing, something else happens; at a subconscious level, you begin to realize there is more to life than your worries.

We take in 15 to 30 thousand breaths a day; take a minute every day to take 12 deep breaths in; fill up your stomach and diaphragm with the breath of life. Hold it for three to five seconds, then let it out through your mouth. This can make a radically good change in your life.

Also, throughout the day when things get tensed and stressed, practice controlled breathing. Go in through the nose deep, hold a couple seconds, and out through the mouth. You’ll return back to a nice calm and controlled state.

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