Family Mental DNA and Genes


Family Mental DNA and Genes

Family Mental DNA and Genes

We really must thank the latest research in epigenetic because it helps us offload a lot of potential problems.

Especially problems in health and obesity. One of the biggest obstacles that hold people from getting healthy and losing weight is their family traditions.

I call the the¬†Family Mental DNA and Genes. If you think like everyone in the family, you’ll likely do like everyone in the family. If you think differently, but still partake in all of the family eating traditions, you’ll still have the problems they have with health and weight.


It is because you still eat the same way as the family. Therefore, it is not a genetic problem, it is a family tradition mental DNA genetic problem. Diabetes, for example, only runs in the family because everyone has the same typical diet. Most doctors are agreeing with that these days.

Try this. If everyone in the family is obese, go live with a family where everyone is thin and lean and eat like them for 60 days. I’m sure to the sun rising on the east side of my city that you will drop 15 pounds in that time period!

What family mental DNA and Gene (traditions) are you hold onto that could be sabotaging your health? Leave a comment below!

Need more energy, treat it like a bank account!


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